Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Christian Bale did what!?

I'm sure many of us have heard of what Christian Bale did. He got a bit irate with someone and yelled and cursed at them a lot. I won't link to the various audio or songs made of the incident, because it's easy to find and I like to try to keep this place somewhat clean. :P

I wasn't shocked and appalled by what Christian Bale did (I won't to into details. Just google it.), as so many others seem to be. I was amused by the audio, and I still giggle like a child when I hear the "WTF Is It With You!?" song, but do I think Christian Bale is a big huge jerkface for life? No. Do I think he's a saint? No.

The fact of the matter is I don't know the man on any kind of personal level, so I laugh when others presume that they do.

I've also lost my cool with people at times. Perhaps not to the extent that he did, but I have. Others have as well, and plenty others have lost it far worse (physical fights, anyone?). So I'm not sure why people want to play the "I R BETR THAN J00" game. Is it because he's well known? Maybe.

This whole incident reminds me of the Alec Baldwin incident, where he left a less than voicemail or some such for his daughter. There was cursing and ranting involved, and naturally the internet police jumped all over that and there were outcries of Alec Baldwin being a bad father and a bad person.


For those of you who have parents who have never snapped or yelled at you, I wanna know what kinda sugar coated candy land you're living in.

When we lose our cool, it's not a shining moment, no. But it should be remembered that everyone has their moments of anger, grr, and rage, so condemning people for very human things we're all susceptible to is just a tad hypocritical, no?