Saturday, January 31, 2009

Believe it or not...

Believe it or not, not everyone on the internet is out to protect your best interests. True, there is a vast array of knowledge that can be found on the internet because of the vast amount of people there, and the little bits of knowledge they have combines into a force greater than even Captain Planet...

But not everyone uses powers and knowledge for good. It's why villains and such exist. Well.. in the comics and games at least.

What inspired me to say what I feel is very obvious is a trend I've noticed. Inevitably, you run across someone who isn't very good with computers, and somehow manages to accumulate all kinds of spyware/malware/etc. In fact, I'm one of those people. But this isn't about me! No, this is about something else I've noticed.

Poor Sap: I have Spyware, how does I remove?
Tech Pro: Time to reformat your hard drive.

Really? I've seen that response given for many computer problems, actually. Problems I sometimes have but end up fixing because most computer problems are usually, well, fixable.

I see formatting a hard drive and losing everything on over a minor problem as kind of like taking the dog out to the back yard and using a shot gun on it to put it out of its misery when it had some fleas. Why would you do that? Really.

But to sum up, my point is when people offer you advice on the internet, take that advice with caution. Especially if you're asking for computer advice on a video gaming or cooking site or what have you... Though if you have a problem with WoW or omelets, those kinds of sites would be great.

And sometimes Google is your friend, unless you know trusted persons to ask for advice. (Just be sure to do your homework properly and research and compare results~)

Art and Buttons. Buttons and Art.

So... I sell buttons now! Rather than me get into all the information about it, I'll just link thee to the information about it all in my DeviantArt Account: Here ya go~

So far, I've only got two designs. A cute, cartoony piggy, and a D20 button for fans of DnD or the phrase, "That's How I Roll". I have some vague ideas for other designs, but I figure I'll see if these sell or not before diving further into the button making business. I thought I could sell prints at one point, and that hasn't actually panned out for me. ^^;

As usual, alongside a commission I have about eleventy unfinished works in progress I'm working on. I usually accumulate too many WIPs solely because I'll start one and eventually forget I ever did, because of my horrible organizational system on my computer - which is the lack of organization. I always say I'll do better about it, but I never do. Every new file I create goes into "My Documents" and never gets sorted into its proper place. Therefore "My Documents" is filled with utter chaos.

Add onto this my lack of creativity or common sense when it comes to naming each file. I don't feel inspired to come up with anything unique, but I don't even go with the obvious. A portrait of a pretty lady for example could be named a plethora of things that don't require much thought. "Pretty lady" "Portrait" "Lady Portrait" "Lady" Yet I end up unable to find the file later because instead of choosing any of that, I decide to name it something like "dawsfdskl" because rubbing two brain cells together makes the wrong kind of fire in my mind.

There's a reason random key mashing doesn't work for that, or other things. MMORPGs, IMs, Blogs, etc. People reading can't be expected to adfifdsffffffff when you tyoytisfdxc.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

La La LaTale

AdaDodd is cruel. She makes people fight each other with pickaxes and cheers them on until only one remains. Don't believe me? Here's proof:

In all seriousness, the only times I find myself really enjoying La Tale is when I'm playing with my friends. Sure, we don't play in a serious way and grind and level and try to get the best equips (Fashion is more important, doncha know?) but we have fun. It usually involves mining, or me leading certain people into dangerous situations. XD The joke's usually on me, however, since those certain people end up ditching me and leaving me to die.

I used to really enjoy playing La Tale alone. I'd play it alone most of the time, and level up and do quests and was all YAY about it. I mean, it's a good game, but I suppose the appeal is starting to wear off given the fact the people who operate the game can't.. do it right.

Ever since the beginning of the release, and supposedly even in beta, maaaany users suffer serious lag and latency issues with the game. Sometimes it's barely playable, if playable at all. That's one of those major issues, I think, that should have been addressed from the get go. Instead, the company releases other shiny features. The sad part is the majority of the populace seems to go for it and is totally appeased when a shiny comes out.

However, every time OGPlanet releases a shiny, at least 2 serious glitches to the game seems to come along with it. XD It's kinda funny really... but also disappointing. I really enjoy this game, but at the same time, if the lag problem gets much worse, I won't really be able to play it anymore. So right now, I just keep hoping that they fix the major issues so it's actually playable to people.

I figure eventually they'll pretty much have to fix the lag. I'm just not sure when that is. But I'm not above not being a serious player for a number of months as I wait for fixinz. XD

I know there's other really good, and even free, MMORPGs I could play, but I find that one MMORPG addiction is enough. I don't know how people juggle multiple MMORPGs. It'd drive me crazy, I think.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Video Games. Music. Communities. <3

I believe we're in a day and age where it's not really acceptable to say that video game music isn't good because it's just 'beeps and blips'. You don't have to like it, of course, but I'd like to see a more valid and true excuse than that.

Certainly, back in the 80s and early 90s music might have been classified as such (I still loved it~) but nowadays you have composers like Hitoshi Sakimoto known for the awesomeness they do that certainly cannot be classified as beep nor blip. Minuet by Masayoshi Yamazaki is also a far cry from a beep... I could probably go on for pages about the awesomeness of various composers, but... that likely wouldn't make for a good read. XD

Anyways, not too many years ago I was pleased to find various communities dedicated to the glorification of game music. Talented musicians pay tribute to their favorite composers by remixing and arranging their work - I think of it like the equivalent of fan art.

There's a bit more to it than that, with musicians and composers helping each other out, and sharing their own original works too. I remember people from a couple years back when they were just 'noobies' and I remember their music. And... I remember cringing at that music. And it's amazing to me, that I listen to something they did recently, and I really enjoy it because they've improved so much! Because they practice, and work hard, and other people in the same field offer their insight and advice. (Some people on these sites make music professionally) Positive communities can really make a positive difference in someone.

My main fix for music and socializing in this 'scene' used to be VGMix, but alas, it was taken down and currently still in the process of revivification. OverClocked Remix, however, is still up and running stronger than ever. I admit I haven't dived that deep into it, but with VGMix still in a limbo of sorts, I do hang around OCR more often these days.

I'm sure OCR has its sour grapes, as any community does, but I have to say that I believe the main contributers to the site are nothing short of awesome. Not necessarily for their music (which is awesome) but I believe this community is a fine example of what many (most?) online communities should aspire to be. One of the members became ill not long ago, so a lot of people got together to arrange music from one of their favorite games as a 'get well album' and showed an outpouring of support to him and his then-fiancee. (He's better now and they're married so happy endings yay!)

I pondered over other communities I've been a part of and wondered if they were capable of something similar to the above. And I... am uncertain. Human behavior is hard to predict.

I'm pretty sure I started this post to talk about video game music and totally deviated in about fifty different directions. Hurrah! Likely a result of me not really being deeply involved in any community right now, and mostly 'drifting'. I always enjoyed being a part of a community of some kind, so it's a bit strange to not be deeply involved anywhere anymore.

But yes. Game music. Awesome. <3
(One day I'll learn to make a blog post and keep to a single topic)

Sunday, January 4, 2009


When you're nice, it's an obvious sign of weakness. You worry too much about stepping on people's toes, you take crap, and it paves the way for people to walk all over you.

When you're mean, well, you're just a big jerk. No one wants to be around you, because you have no care for people's feelings, and take advantage of others for your own benefit.

If you give things away for free, then the people who didn't receive anything will bawl and shout that, "it's not fair!" that they didn't get anything.

If you don't give things away for free, then you're stingy and greedy, and whatever you have, you don't deserve.

When you tell someone the truth, they often don't want to hear it.

When you lie to someone, you're not doing them much good are you?

If you follow a faith or God, you're a fool for doing so.

If you choose to abstain from religion, then you're damned.

When the homeless man asks for money, and you give it to him, you're only supporting his drug habit.

When the homeless man asks for money, and you refuse him, you're being cruel.

Agreeing means you're sucking up.

Disagreeing means you're too contrary.

When you try to please everyone, you will invariably fail.

When you try to please yourself, there's a chance you might actually succeed.


Returning from an absence, I'll open with something that's (hopefully) useful. Art tutorial! I have it on my DA, but I figured I'd post it here as well.