Tuesday, January 13, 2009

La La LaTale

AdaDodd is cruel. She makes people fight each other with pickaxes and cheers them on until only one remains. Don't believe me? Here's proof:

In all seriousness, the only times I find myself really enjoying La Tale is when I'm playing with my friends. Sure, we don't play in a serious way and grind and level and try to get the best equips (Fashion is more important, doncha know?) but we have fun. It usually involves mining, or me leading certain people into dangerous situations. XD The joke's usually on me, however, since those certain people end up ditching me and leaving me to die.

I used to really enjoy playing La Tale alone. I'd play it alone most of the time, and level up and do quests and was all YAY about it. I mean, it's a good game, but I suppose the appeal is starting to wear off given the fact the people who operate the game can't.. do it right.

Ever since the beginning of the release, and supposedly even in beta, maaaany users suffer serious lag and latency issues with the game. Sometimes it's barely playable, if playable at all. That's one of those major issues, I think, that should have been addressed from the get go. Instead, the company releases other shiny features. The sad part is the majority of the populace seems to go for it and is totally appeased when a shiny comes out.

However, every time OGPlanet releases a shiny, at least 2 serious glitches to the game seems to come along with it. XD It's kinda funny really... but also disappointing. I really enjoy this game, but at the same time, if the lag problem gets much worse, I won't really be able to play it anymore. So right now, I just keep hoping that they fix the major issues so it's actually playable to people.

I figure eventually they'll pretty much have to fix the lag. I'm just not sure when that is. But I'm not above not being a serious player for a number of months as I wait for fixinz. XD

I know there's other really good, and even free, MMORPGs I could play, but I find that one MMORPG addiction is enough. I don't know how people juggle multiple MMORPGs. It'd drive me crazy, I think.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of MMORPG's, where generally, the developers do whatever they feel will sell well and keep people in the game. :/

    Sometimes it's fixing the bugs that need it, but not always.

  2. Well, I think eventually OGP will *have* to work on the lag issue. Lately some of the 'popular' players have been leaving the game because they simply can't play because of the lag.

    Or maybe I'm being overly optimistic. :X

    One day I'm just gonna have to get moniez and migrate to WoW. WoW, a far more graphic intensive game, runs more smoothly on my computer than LaTale. A 2D game. *shakes head*