Saturday, January 31, 2009

Art and Buttons. Buttons and Art.

So... I sell buttons now! Rather than me get into all the information about it, I'll just link thee to the information about it all in my DeviantArt Account: Here ya go~

So far, I've only got two designs. A cute, cartoony piggy, and a D20 button for fans of DnD or the phrase, "That's How I Roll". I have some vague ideas for other designs, but I figure I'll see if these sell or not before diving further into the button making business. I thought I could sell prints at one point, and that hasn't actually panned out for me. ^^;

As usual, alongside a commission I have about eleventy unfinished works in progress I'm working on. I usually accumulate too many WIPs solely because I'll start one and eventually forget I ever did, because of my horrible organizational system on my computer - which is the lack of organization. I always say I'll do better about it, but I never do. Every new file I create goes into "My Documents" and never gets sorted into its proper place. Therefore "My Documents" is filled with utter chaos.

Add onto this my lack of creativity or common sense when it comes to naming each file. I don't feel inspired to come up with anything unique, but I don't even go with the obvious. A portrait of a pretty lady for example could be named a plethora of things that don't require much thought. "Pretty lady" "Portrait" "Lady Portrait" "Lady" Yet I end up unable to find the file later because instead of choosing any of that, I decide to name it something like "dawsfdskl" because rubbing two brain cells together makes the wrong kind of fire in my mind.

There's a reason random key mashing doesn't work for that, or other things. MMORPGs, IMs, Blogs, etc. People reading can't be expected to adfifdsffffffff when you tyoytisfdxc.

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