Thursday, October 30, 2008


While conversing with my mother today about a variety of topics, love came up. Sort of.

She told me she would hate to see me never meet a nice guy and fall in love. I appreciate the sentiment, but I can't help but boggle over that a little. I'm only twenty two, there is still time. I guess it's normal though, her being the parent, to worry more than necessary over me.

I've always felt society has placed too high of an importance on finding a significant other. It's that way in the media as well. There's popular shows that depict the lives of women desperately searching for a man. They have successful careers, are attractive, and their lives are fulfilled in just about every other way. But if they don't have a man, it's like a crisis. A man will not validate a woman, and the same goes for the reverse.

I'm not knocking love or finding the right person by any means. But I believe life can still be fulfilling even if one is single. One can have love and companionship in their friends, and even pets. They can take pride in their own accomplishments. They don't need a snugglebuddy, nice as they may be, to validate their life.

And yes, some day, I want to find a nice guy. I want to get married (I'll pass on the children). But I just don't believe that now, at 22 when I'm still learning and growing up, is the time to worry about that.

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