Thursday, November 6, 2008

Politics and Haikus

Obama has won.
Bush ruined Republicans;
the best thing he did.

Right, so I get 0 Creativity points for that one. I should totally brush up on my haiku skills sometime. I used to like writing them. I guess I'd feel successful solely because I could get the 5-7-5 syllable thing down easily, even if the content of that was garbage.

Writing a haiku-
I'm counting five, seven, five.
Five syllables here.

Wow. Move over... famous poet people. Here I come! Or not. Likely not.

Cats go meow meow meow!
And when I step on their feet?
They go hiss hiss hiss!

It's sort of torturous isn't it?

When I want to hurt,
I say things without thinking.
Poetic garbage.

Seriously. Zero creativity points.

It is very late.
So I'm going to bed now.
You can have relief.

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